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 Wyoming Co-Chairs:


 Charles and Caryl Harvey, Holyoke, Colorado

Son, Chad William Harvey, fatally shot in the face at a “friend’s” home,

September 23, 1995.   Chad had been asked to come to the home to meet the husband of the woman he worked with.  There was no provocation.  The husband, Jared Beier, 23  went into the bedroom, came out and shot Chad point blank in the face, killing him instantly. After Beier's arrest, he plea-bargained and was sentenced to 18 years in March 1996.  Colorado has "no truth in sentencing" therefore it was expected he'll serve only one-half of his sentence.  Beier was given a mandatory release in July of 2009 and moved to Iowa.

  NOTE:  At the preliminary hearing, Chad's family tell the story that they noticed that one member of the defense team had represented Chad in a minor offense.  The family mentioned it to the DA who said to the judge, "Your honor, we feel that the presence of Mr. ___ is a conflict and a violation of Mr. Harvey, Chad's rights."  The defense attorney in question, rose and replied, "Your honor, Mr. Harvey had no rights, he's dead."  As Chad's parents lamented, that in a nutshell is the problem. 

(The Harvey’s are the POMC contact for Wyoming)


Jim Holscher, Casper

Victim Services Coordinator with the Casper Police Department, Casper, Wyoming.  Jim has agreed to help with the Amendment on his personal time.



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