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FORCE 100 Wisconsin C0-Chairs


Adam and Wanda Bincer, Madison

Daughter, Yvonne Schlicht Workman, 27, her husband, William, 29, and their male friend, were all shot to death in the Workman's apartment, when

 three men entered and killed them, March 7, 1983.  Neighbors in the apartment complex state they had seen three men leaving the scene.  Unsolved.


Don Happ, Lake Mills & Gregory Happ, Madison

Don's twin sister & Gregory's sister, Debra Suzanne Happ, 24, choked, dragged, tied and fatally  beaten with a crowbar by two robbers who broke into her apartment,  June 11, 1997. The 27-year-old male and the 18 year-old female entered the apartment not knowing Debra was there.  They were arrested, claimed they were "mentally incapable to understand the repercussions of their actions."   4-1/2 years later the female killer was sentenced to 48 years, with possibility of parole after 20 years and the male killer was sentenced to death however, in January 2003, the Governor of Illinois commuted all death penalty murders.



Ken and Margie Mayer, Hudson

(Sadly Gretchen's Father, Ken passed away in June 2005.)

Daughter, Gretchen (Morgan) Mayer, 27, murdered, stabbed

twenty-four times in her back by her husband, Michael Morgan, as he sat on her, April 4, 1989.  The killer cleaned up went on to the gym and work.  On his return home he tried to stage Gretchen's murder as if it had been a break-in.  Morgan was arrested; his first trial ended in a mistrial. Five years later he was convicted to life in prison and his first parole hearing was February 2001.



Debra Lynn Schultz,  Franksville   

Sister, Beth Ann Bosworth, 16, while babysitting her nephew, an intruder entered the home, tried to rape her and then stabbed Beth Ann over 30 times,  Dec. 18, 1993.  Beth Ann barricaded herself in the bathroom and that's where she died.  The cold-blooded murderer then set the house on fire.  Beth Ann's nephew was rescued from the burning house by a neighbor.  Beth Ann was buried on Christmas Eve. She did not know her killer, Dale Kauke, who lived in a house behind them.  Kauke  was arrested almost a month later.  At his trial it was said that Kauke had attacked a handful of other women but no charges had ever been filed.  Kauke was convicted and sentenced to serve life without the possibility of parole.



Jerry Urbik, Janesville

Assistant D.A., Rock County, Wisconsin.

Jerry, on his personal time, helps victims and is working to assist with the passage of S.J. Res. 1.


Ruth Wagner, Madison

Daughter, Derby Wagner-Richardson, 28, was abducted at work where she was a security guard and murdered in an unknown location,  March 22, 1987.  Derby was working as a night security guard in a locked building surrounded by a security fence.  She was reported missing when she did not call in to the security company.  Derby was found seven hours later in the trunk of her car.  Her neck and wrists has been slashed, her mouth gagged with tape and her naked body stuffed in her trunk. Investigators believed Derby was killed by someone she knew, who then left her car and body in an alley, one block away from her job site.  Unsolved.


Gary & Carol Westerlund, Sun Prairie*

Daughter, Janet Marie Leonhardt, 20 was shot to death at close range, October 27, 1986. Janet's killer returned to the murder scene the next morning and to cover up her murder, burned her body beyond recognition.  The perpetrator was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life, which at that time was only 13-1/2 years, plus 5 more years.


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