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 Washington Co-Chairs:


Delores Cook, Kelso

Granddaughter, Krystle Rose Cook, 17, murdered by her motherís boyfriend, Michael Paul Andes, who crushed her skull with a  baseball bat, February 2, 2000.  The killer had taken Krystle to a tree farm where he murdered her and then he solicited the help of his father and uncle to bury Krystle, putting 100 pounds of lime on her body. Her remains were found one year later.  Michael Paul Andes was arrested February 9, 2002, convicted and sentenced to twenty-five years to life without the possibility of parole.  Andes' father and uncle who helped in disposing
 of Krystle's body were not charged!



Vonnie Crawford, Longview

Son, Wayne Crawford, 33, died, 2002, under suspicious

circumstances.  His body was transported across town

 by three suspects and drug paraphernalia placed around him.  His mother found his body three days later.  Three suspects were arrested but because it was ruled that Wayne may have died from an accidental overdose rather than having been murdered, the charges were dropped to lesser misdemeanor charges.



Loraine Fishel, Port Townsend

Sister, Dona Dawson, 45, shot six times, murdered by her ex-husband,  Donald Dawson, who had been lying in wait for over twelve hours, for her to return home September 15, 1984.  Dona drove into her garage when her killer came down and began shooting at her.  Bullets struck Dona's car and also her arm.   She tried to run to her neighbors and fell down.  This cold-blooded killer caught up with her and fired the fatal shots as he stood over her.  Donald Dawson was arrested immediately.  He was convicted and sentenced to twenty-seven years to life in 1986.  Dawson is currently serving his sentence and got married in prison, in 1996.

NOTE:  "It took two years before the murderer was sent off to prison.  As family, we were not allowed to speak a word during the trial or even to express our feelings prior to sentencing.  We are only one family of many thousands who have become victims of crime at no fault of our own." - Loraine Fishel & Marilyn Mosely, Sisters of Dona Dawson




Mac and Sally Gaul, Vader

Sallyís sister, Dixie Lee Harkcom, 57, murdered October 17, 2000 by four drug users, one shot her in the head, while the other three held her down.  Dixie was simply walking down the road and four men were sitting in a car using methamphetamines. They were afraid she had witnessed their drug use and would report them.  The four suspects chased Dixie as she ran for her life, hunting her  down and viciously murdering her.  Two suspects were arrested, one of them, Christopher Miller, had recognized Dixie from being in a store with her, then admitted to shooting her twice and missing.  Miller was tried and found guilty of 1st degree aggravated murder and sentenced March 2001 to life in prison without parole.  The second accomplice, Gary Lindsay, confessed to holding Dixie then changed his story to say that he was "shooting up" while Dixie was being murdered -  he was released!  Regarding the other two individuals named as suspects, one is serving time in prison for a brutal assault and kidnapping.  The other alleged "shooter" was picked up on a parole violation and possession of drugs.  No other information about his status at this time.



Ralph and Francine Myers, Bellingham

Son, Thomas, 25,  was walking out of a house party when he was fatally shot

by Asian gang members who were crashing the party, July 24, 1993 in Canoga Park, California.  The gang members had been asked to leave when one of them pulled a gun and shot at the guests.  Tom had not confronted the gang members but was in the line of fire and killed.  Four males were arrested:  the "shooter" was tried November 1994 and convicted of first degree murder, sentenced to 30 years to life.  Two were convicted of second degree murder, charge plea bargained to assault, sentenced to 3-5 years. The fourth, who testified against the others, plea bargained for "discharging a firearm in a negligent manner," and is on parole.  June 2012: The shooter was denied his parole date set for July 29, 2012 and will not be eligible for another hearing for seven years.



Jenny Wieland Ward, Seattle

Her only child, daughter, Amy Marie Ragan, 17, fatally shot by a male "acquaintance"  while she and her best friend Jody, were visiting another friend's apartment, November 20, 1992.  Amy Marie was sitting at the kitchen table when the acquaintance, Trevor Turner, had some words with Jody.  Trevor pulled a gun out of his jacket and pointed it at Jody.  Jody ignored him and walked away.   Trevor then walked up behind Amy, cocked the gun and held it at the back of her head, frightening Amy.  Amy asked him to get away from her.  Instead Trevor pulled the trigger and shot her point blank in the back of her head.  He was arrested later that night, convicted, pled guilty to first degree manslaughter and as an adult, was sentenced to only forty-one months in prison.  In the state of Washington there is a sentencing grid with no parole.  Jenny's killer served just twenty-seven months of his sentence with 30% off for "good time!"

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