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 South Carolina Co-Chairs:


Marvin Bryant, Sr., Columbia

Son, Marcus “Patrick” Bryant, 21,  fatally shot twice in the back as he

was leaving a friend’s home, April 12, 2001. Patrick had a verbal altercation with one of the guests, Jason Moulton as he was leaving and Moulton shot Patrick twice in the back.  There were five witnesses yet Moulton escaped arrest.   May 2003: the Bryant family was informed that Patrick's killer had been identified as a 23 year-old male from New York who was in a Connecticut jail on unrelated charges of assault, robbery and first degree burglary.  Jason Moulton was extradited to South Carolina in June 2003, was found guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter and sentenced to thirty years in October 2004.


Carolyn Jacobs, Columbia*

Her son, James Lee Jacobs, 27, was shot 18 times after leaving a friend's home, March 30, 2007.  He had been visiting his friend and when he left, noticed that his tire had been slashed.  He went and bought a tire and was waiting for help when an unknown assailant(s) shot him 18 times.  James crawled under his car where he was found.  His mother was notified by the hospital but James had already expired when she arrived.  No witnesses have come forward and no suspects have ever been arrested.  Sadly James had served in Iraq and then returned home to be brutally
 murdered in his own neighborhood.


Mary Ann and George Miller, Anderson

Her mother, Frances Gentile, 66, bludgeoned, choked and stabbed

to death in her home, January 15, 1990. The suspect was a rental tenant/handyman, captured one year later after "America's Most Wanted" televised Mrs. Gentile's case.  There were delays in the case as the killer was too depressed after his capture and had to be hospitalized for a time. He  was convicted and sentenced in 1992 to life in prison, eligible for parole after twenty years.

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