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 Rhode Island Co-Chairs:


Marie Bouchard & Gail Vakalis, East Greenwich

Marie's daughter and Gail's sister Joan Heaton, 39, granddaughters/nieces, Jennifer, 10, and  Melissa,  8, were stabbed to death in their home, September 2, 1989.  The killer was Craig Price, a 15 year-old juvenile offender who had stabbed to death another neighbor woman, Rebecca Spencer, 27, two years before the Heaton murders. The young cold-blooded murderer confessed to the crimes and was to be sent to a juvenile detention facility until his 21st birthday!  However, Craig Price is still locked up  because of a series of new offenses committed behind bars and an additional 25-year criminal contempt sentence.  As a result of these horrific crimes, Rhode Island passed a law allowing for harsher treatment of young criminals to be prosecuted as adults even though this law did not help the Heaton/Bouchard families.




Anne Marie DíAlessio, Cranston

Victim Services, Victim Advocate Director for Rhode Islandís Victims

Advocacy & Support Center (RIVASC).  Anne Marie has volunteered and on her personal time, to help with S. J. Res. 1.



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