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Oregon Co-Chairs:


Steve Doell, Lake Oswego 

Daughter, Lisa, 12, was murdered by Andrew Whitaker, 16,  a violent juvenile who ran her down with his car as she walked home from school, October 21, 1992.  Andrew Whitaker did not know Lisa and is said to have confessed, "It wasn't an accident, I did it on purpose."  No drugs or alcohol were involved in the crime.  The youth was convicted of second degree manslaughter rather then murder, sentenced October 1993 to three years and served only twenty-eight months!



Mary Elledge, Oregon City

Son, Rob, 21, murdered in his family home, July 13, 1986 by two "hired" men, who crushed his skull with a baseball bat, strangled him with a cord as they injected Rob with a horse serum.  After cleaning up the house, the killers transported Rob's body by wheelbarrow to a truck. Then they disposed of his body ten miles away.  Robís badly decomposed body was discovered five weeks later when one of the killers bragged about the killing and his stepmother called the police.  The two killers were arrested and the "mastermind" was arrested eight months later.  The three were tried separately: the killer who crushed Rob's skull received 32 years; the mastermind was convicted of first degree felony murder and burying Rob's body, 28 years and the third who strangled Rob was originally sentenced to 12 years, four added years although he was released on

 Valentine's Day 2003!


Dennis & Jacque MacDonald, Grants Pass

Daughter, Deborah Mulvihill Whitlock, 32, fatally stabbed and her  throat slit, in her home, March 25, 1988.  Nine years later, January 1997 a tipster alerted the Modesto Police Dept. with details that had never been revealed.  Suspect arrested in Arkansas and returned to Modesto. May 1999: plea bargained to first degree murder, 25 years to life and six years for burglary.  He was sentenced June 1999, eleven years after Debi's murder.  UPDATE:  The MacDonald family received a letter from the AG's office dated September 13, 202 stating that the killer had filed an appeal in the Fifth Appellate District Court on April 2, 2002.  He is contesting the validity of his conviction although he confessed to killing and raping Debi.   Debi's killer won't be eligible for parole until 2017. NOTE:  A restitution hearing in 2002 awarded, money which would slight assist Debi's daughter.


Gayle Moffitt, Portland

Daughter, Diana, 20, compelled into prostitution and was murdered in San Diego, California, July 23, 1987 when she was trying to get away from the man who was her pimp.  The perpetrator was arrested in Oregon for compelling but not tried or convicted of Diana's murder. 



Craig Plunkett, Portland

Son, Eric, 19, who was deaf and suffered from cerebral palsy was beaten, kicked and strangled to death September 27, 2000.  Eric was in his dorm room at Gallaudet University, when the killer murdered Eric for his credit card, .  Five months later, Ben Varner another student at the University was stabbed to death in his dorm room for his checkbook.  Joseph Mesa who lived in the same dorm as Eric  was arrested and  convicted as a serial killer.  Mesa was sentenced to six life terms without parole plus 150 years on May 21, 2002.



Anne and Bruce Pratt, Springfield

Son, Brian Hood, 23, killed in a drunk driving crash on

 his Motherís birthday, September 18, 1998.  Kyle William Wilson, 19, Brian's roommate was driving and Brian was one of his passengers.  Wilson and two other passengers survived.  Wilson had a blood alcohol content of .18 when he was arrested and was charged with manslaughter, drunken driving and two counts of felony assault.   After a  four-day trial, the judge found him guilty of a lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide.  He was sentenced April 1999 to 18 months criminally negligent homicide and 12 months for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII).  Kyle William Wilson ended up serving only 20 months.

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