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 Ohio Co-Chairs:


Vickie Morris, Akron

Son, Samuel "Sam" Miller, 12, was  playing video games at his friendís home on February 15, 1995.   The friend's brother, James Reed, 16, was in the home and took his fatherís handgun out of its case, pointed it at Sam and shot Sam in the head.  Reed claimed that he didn't know the gun was loaded and later told the sheriff that Sam had shot himself.  Meanwhile Sam's friend, Brandon fled the home in panic but returned to the scene and told the sheriff the truth about what had happened.   Sam died at the hospital three hours later.  James Reed was  convicted of negligent homicide and placed on juvenile probation until the year 2000.



Edith Norman, Tippecanoe

Her daughter, Crystal Lynne St. Auburn, 21, an Air Force police woman,
 was  shot to death in Anchorage Alaska, while riding in a car with her boyfriend and two other girlfriends, November 25, 2003. The other passengers were uninjured.  The perpetrators fled and were not arrested until over a month later: the male shooter was arrested in South Carolina and his seventeen year-old girlfriend, one of the accomplices, was arrested in Maryland.  the "mastermind" of the shooting was the twenty-three year-old girlfriend of Crystal's  boyfriend, who before Crystal's murder was harassing and following them.  The females were released on bail and the male shooter was incarcerated awaiting his trial - no new information.


Terri Prescott, Berea*

Daughter, Kirsten Prescott, 25, was found dead in a field on May 3, 2004. Cuyahoga County Coroner ruled Kirsten's death as a homicide.  Kirsten's live-in boyfriend was arrested for drug possession but not charged with Kirsten's murder.  No other information is available at this time.


Sharon Sellitto, Granville

Brother, Paul Steven Cosner, 39, presumed tortured and killed, along with eleven others, at a  rural survivalist compound in Northern California, November 2, 1984.  One of the suspects, Leonard Lake, committed suicide during police interrogation.  The other suspect, Charles Ng, escaped to Canada, was arrested and fought extradition for six years.  He was returned to California in 1991 and in February 1999, the killer was convicted of 11 counts of first degree murder with special circumstances making him eligible for the death penalty.  The jury was unable to reach a verdict on Paul's murder as his body was never recovered; even though the serial killers were found using Paul's car and Ng confessed to Paul's murder while in Canada.  Charles Ng was sentenced to death June 30, 1999.



Sharon Tewksbury, Mason

Husband, Monte Tewksbury, 40, robbed and fatally stabbed with a 5-inch knife at a convenience store where he had been working nights, April 18, 1983.  Monte worked for Proctor & Gamble, yet liked extra work and this store was close to home.  This late Sunday evening, three suspects: two 19 year-olds and one 34 year-old entered the store, robbed and stabbed Monte in the right side puncturing his liver and diaphragm, leaving him mortally wounded. Monte managed to call his wife, Sharon and tell her what had happened.  When Sharon arrived at the store she found Monte and had some time with him before the police arrived and he succumbed.   There were three arrests and three convictions, August 1983.  Two of the perpetrators were sentenced to life with parole and the third, John Byrd, Jr.  was sentenced to the death penalty.  After 19 years of appeals, John Byrd, Jr. was executed  on February 19, 2002.

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