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North Dakota Co-Chairs:


Susan Boucher, Rolette

Son, Jacque, 20, killed in a drunk driving accident,

November 2, 2000. No other vehicles were involved.


Dennis and Ione Huber, Pollock

Their daughter Denise 23, was missing after her car was found abandoned  beside a So. California freeway, June 3, 1991.  In July 1994, her frozen body was  discovered in a freezer inside a rental truck in Arizona.  The trial for her killer, John Famalaro, began in May 1997.  Famalaro was accused of kidnapping, bounding and sexually assaulting Denise before cinching a plastic bag over her head and smashing her head 31 times with a hammer and a roofer's nail puller.  He was convicted of first degree murder with special circumstances of kidnapping and sodomy. Sentenced September 1997 to the death penalty. NOTE: July 7, 2011: Twenty years later, The California Supreme Court has affirmed the death penalty given to John Famalaro, that he had received a fair trial in Orange County.  However this does not mean that Famalaro's potential execution is imminent and his defense team will continue to make appeals.



Ina Mikkelson, Rolla

Brother, Herman Azure, was killed in a car accident in 1974. Ina’s other

 brother, Jerry, was the driver of the car. He and another passenger survived.  The accident occurred late at night on a rainy slippery road.  Jerry had been drinking but was not considered legally drunk.  There were no arrests or charges filed.  Herman left a wife and five children.  Having never gotten over the tragic death of his brother, Jerry died in 1995 from cancer at the age of fifty-one.



Sharon Parisien, Rolla

Son, Wayne Jeanette, Jr., 20, was killed by a drunk driver, June 22, 1997.  The defendant was convicted and found guilty of manslaughter, sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay funeral expenses.

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