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 North Carolina Co-Chairs:


Dick and Diane Adams, Grifton

Son, Richard Adams, 21, and Kim Miller, 24, were shot to death in the

 restaurant where Richard was the assistant manager and Kim was an employee, December 23, 1982.  Richard and Kim's bodies were found the following morning.  The doors were locked at the time of the shooting causing the police to speculate that the killer hid inside until closing or had a key to the restaurant -  $2700 was missing.   Three months later John Sterling Gardner, Jr.  was arrested on an unrelated robbery charge and confessed to the murders.  (Gardner had also murdered Ray Eugene Shaver, 72, during an attempted break-in at Shaver's home during his murder spree.)  Gardner  was tried, convicted and sentenced to death on September 25, 1983 and executed by lethal injection October 1992.



Jim and Ginny Bek, Kernersville

Son, Ryan, 25 and his girlfriend, Donna, along with Donna’s sister, Rachel

and their friend, Beth, all lost their lives in an arson fire in Greensboro, February 15, 2002.  Ryan was with Donna when the three-story, 12 -unit building was set on fire at 2 a.m.  It is believed the fire started outside the building and that the flames blew through a common breezeway cutting off exits and forcing some residents to jump from balconies.  Ryan, Donna, Rachel and Beth's bodies were discovered in the first floor breezeway of the building.   Two days after the fire, a twenty-three year old female suspect, Janet Louise Danahey was arrested and charged with one count of first degree murder for the death of Rachel, the first victim positively identified. It is believed that the motive for the fire was that it was supposed to have been a prank against her ex-boyfriend who lived in the building.  July 29, 2002:  Danahey pleaded guilty to four counts of first degree murder and one count of first degree arson and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.



Birdie Frink, Shallotte

Her daughter, Amy Caroline, 18, was carjacked, tortured,

sexually assaulted and brutally murdered, June 22, 1994.  Amy was left to bleed to death across the state line in South Carolina.  It is believed that as many as  seven suspects were involved although only two were arrested and convicted of Amy's murder,  John "Paul" Counts and  John Gamble.  Paul Counts was convicted in 1999 and John Gamble was convicted  in 2000.  North Carolina's Structured Sentencing system eliminated parole for crime after Oct. 1, 1994.    Paul Counts  should have spent thirty years in prison and not been paroled after only nine years however, he was eligible for the state's Mutual Agreement Parole Program!  John Gamble had an early release too  from prison in 2010 after serving only ten years for Amy's kidnap, rape and murder!



Chet Hodgin, Jamestown

His eldest son, Keith, 36 was shot, cut and stabbed to death

 in his condo, May 15, 1991.  Keith was the manager of a cafeteria in Asheville and his killer was a teenager whom Keith had  fired  his killer wanted his  job back.  The perpetrator was arrested and convicted of first degree murder and sentenced November 1991 to life plus.


His son, Kevin, 35, was attacked, beaten, robbed and

 shot to death by gang members  in the Domino's Pizza parking lot  where he worked, December 11, 1992.  Kevin had returned from a pizza delivery when he was attacked.  Kevin had not resisted yet the gang of teenagers continued to beat him even after he had given them money.  As they were leaving the parking lot and Kevin was on the ground, they shot him three times.  Five gang members were arrested, tried and convicted.  Three of the perpetrators were allowed to plead guilty to a lesser offenses in return for evidence against the two shooters.   The two shooters were sentenced to life, both had previously been in prison and released early.


 Jodi M. Stanley

Domestic violence survivor.  Jodi was abducted and assaulted

 while the perpetrator threatened to kill her and himself, August 8, 2002. He assaulted her over a two hour time period and threatened to kill her and himself.  He threatened to crash the vehicle they were in and also that her would come after her daughter.  Her attacker was arrested in November 2002, convicted and sentenced March 2003 to 150 days!


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