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 New Mexico Co-Chairs:


Adela and Tony Aguilar, Albuquerque

Daughter, Antonette Aguilar, 22, had spent the night with two of her girlfriends and her mother saw her arrive back home after 1 a.m.  April 15, 2000.  Antonette went out again that night and that was the last time she was seen alive.  Four months later, on August 24, 2000,  her remains were discovered by two young boys out four-wheel driving outside of Albuquerque. It is believed that Antonette was suffocated but no other information has been released.  Unsolved.



Martin Bradshaw, Placitas

Three cousins murdered:  

Scott Campbell, 27, strangled, thrown from an airplane, April 1982. Two men were convicted and sentenced; one, life without parole and the other, Scott's "friend", was sentenced to two sentences of 25 years to life (running concurrently) January 1990, taking nearly eight years in court.

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Auto Racing Legend, Mickey Thompson, 59, and wife, Trudy, 41,

 shot to death as they were leaving their home, March 1988.  After 19 years, Michael F. Goodwin was finally convicted and on March 1, 2007.  He was sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.



Gilfred & Mary Priscilla Chavez, Los Lunas

Son, Gilfred Chavez, 46, was brutally beaten to death and left in an Albuquerque alley, October 31, 2000.   Charles Lee Vennevy, Gil's  killer, left town and three years later returned to Albuquerque and killed again.  He beat  Yvonne Garcia to death and left her companion for dead.  The male victim survived and was able to provide information about  Vennevy, who did confess to killing Gilfred.  Almost five years later Vennevy was sentenced to two counts of second-degree murder and ordered to serve two consecutive 15 year sentences.  Vennevy was sentenced under the serious violent offender law where he must serve at least 85% of his sentence.



Nathalie and Nelson Edmonds, San Juan Pueblo

Son, Bryan Edmonds, 15, was missing after attending his 14 year-old  girlfriend’s birthday party and he had not returned home, June 29, 2001.  Two days later Bryan's father found out from the State Police that Bryan had been found on a highway.  Bryan died the next day at the hospital.  Unsolved.


Norma J. Espinoza, Rio Rancho

Brother, Chris C. Medina, 24, shot twice in the head by a “so-called friend,” Andrew Martinez, whom he was driving home, October 2, 1999.  Four days later Martinez turned himself in and for reasons unknown, was released.  While he was out of jail and awaiting trial, this cold-blooded killer murdered another man, Jonathon Weiss.  Arrested and convicted March 2001, sentenced to ten years for the murder of Chris and thirty years for the murder of Weiss.


Donald & Cheryl MacDougall, Glenwood

Granddaughter, Cierra MacDougall Gonzales, 21 months old, was shot

 and killed by a four and one-half year old boy staying at their home, March 3, 2002.  Cierra was napping in her mother's bedroom while the boy watched a video.  At the sound of the one shot, Cierra's Mother rushed into the room and found the boy standing over Cierra.  The gun belonged to Cierra's mother who thought the gun was hidden securely yet the child found the .357 Magnum and shot Cierra in the neck, then hid the gun.  Nine hours later the police found the gun.  The boy was supposed to be given a psychiatric evaluation.  No other information available at this time.



Patricia March, Albuquerque

Son, Gary James March, 18, shot to death, less than a mile from home by someone he knew, August 20, 1995.  Gary was shot twice in the head and left in an arroyo.  It took three years to gather enough evidence to take the case to the Grand Jury for an indictment and two more years before it went to trial.  Gary's killer was sentenced to thirty years to life, April 2000.



Bob and Nadine Milford, Albuquerque

Daughter, Melanie Cravens, 31, and her daughters, Kandyce, 9, Erin, 8

 and Kacee, 5, were killed on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1992,

by a drunk driver.  Melanie's husband Paul was severely injured.  Melanie and her daughters were killed instantly and Paul was airlifted to the hospital.  The drunk driver was also hospitalized and later arrested.  He was convicted, culminating in three trials and two sentencings over a period of 6-1/2 years.  After two hung juries and a conviction being overturned, the family endured the case being sent to the District Court, the Court of Appeals of NM, The Supreme Court of NM and the US Supreme Court and finally the Federal Court of NM!  The perpetrator was sentenced in May 1999 to 25 years and with "good time" it is possible he will serve only 11 years for four killings.  He had three priors and only one proven.



Dorothy and Jimmy Romero, Santa Fe

Her brother, Michael Jimenez, 42, was attacked, struck twice on the head and died, May 17, 2000. Brother, Peter Zamboro was also struck yet  he managed to survive the attack.  The three suspects, Nambe Tribal members, were arrested that night. One was sentenced to eighteen  months probation the second was acquitted and the third got off free.



Ms. Magoo Shoulderblade, Albuquerque

Sister-in-law, Marianne Shoulderblade, 31, murdered by multiple knife stab wounds while visiting a friend's home, March 4, 1984.   (Marianne’s husband had died only six months earlier.)  The killer was Marianne's own first cousin, a female who was also visiting and it is believed that the motive was jealousy.  As Marianne was being airlifted to the hospital she died enroute.  Since there were witnesses in the home, the suspect was arrested immediately, convicted and sentenced to ten years at the federal correction facility.



Gloria Vigil, Albuquerque

Brother, Steve Vigil, 38, stabbed to death during an argument

 with a distant relative, September 7, 1998.  The suspect was arrested two days later and sentenced to one year later to fifteen years with five years suspended. An additional fifteen years was converted to parole.  The perpetrator ended up serving only three years for Steve's murder!

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