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 Nevada Co-Chairs:


Adriene Angelini, Reno

Father, “Tony” Angelini, 62, fatally shot in the head,

as he was opening his family-owned restaurant, May 2, 1990, which was ten days after Adriene's wedding.  Her father  was found by his first customers of the day.  The perpetrator, Donald Rogers, was arrested twelve days later following a crime spree, robbing several other restaurants.  The police identified the shell casings at all three sites and traced him to a casino.  Rogers was allowed to plea but did not accept it, so it went to trial.  He was sentenced October 1991 to two life sentences without parole and two fifteen year terms for the weapon. NOTE:  Adriene was 8-1/2 months pregnant the day she gave her Victim's Impact Statement and delivered her baby boy later that night.



Patricia Bosworth, Pahrump

Daughter, Beth Ann, 16, was babysitting for her baby nephew, Cody on December 18, 1993 when an intruder entered the home, attacked and stabbed her over 30 times, then set the house on fire.  Beth Ann did not know her killer.  Seventeen month-old Cody was unharmed by the intruder and was rescued from the burning house by a neighbor.  Beth Ann was buried on Christmas Eve.  The perpetrator was arrested 29 days after her murder, tried, convicted and sentenced June 2, 1994 to serve life without parole.



Sandy Heverly, Las Vegas

Sandy, her mother, Doris Erb, Sandy’s husband, John,

and their four children were all severely injured on June 15, 1974 in a crash caused  by a nineteen year-old, who already had two prior DUI’s.  He left the scene of the accident and later admitted to having consumed three to four beers beforehand.  He was also driving on a suspended license.  Six months later the offender was fined $100 for driving on a suspended license and all other charges were dropped even though seven people had been severely injured because of him.


Harry Shull, Las Vegas

Three friends murdered. 

Scott Campbell, 27, strangled, thrown from an airplane, April 1982. Two men were convicted and sentenced; one, life without parole and the other, Scott's "friend", was sentenced to two sentences of 25 years to life (running concurrently) January 1990, taking nearly eight years in court.

- ALSO -

Auto Racing Legend, Mickey Thompson, 59, and wife, Trudy, 41,

 shot to death as they were leaving their home, March 1988.  After 19 years, Michael F. Goodwin was finally convicted and on March 1, 2007.  He was sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.


 Kathi Testa Smith, Reno

Daughter, Jennette Wren Testa, 20, didn't come home from her night job July 3, 1999.  The next night, July 4th, the fire & police department responded to a fire next to a dumpster in which they discovered Jenny's body.  She had been raped and strangled to death the day before.  Her body was hidden overnight and then set on fire by a co-worker who was known as a druggie.  Four months earlier,  almost to the day of Jenny's murder the suspect was arrested for manufacturing drugs, plea bargained to possession and given a diversion program, never forced to serve a day in jail.   If he had been in jail, Jenny would be alive today.  For Jenny's murder, he was originally charged with 1st degree sexual assault, 1st degree kidnapping and open murder.  He ultimately plea bargained  to 1st degree murder and 1st degree kidnapping in exchange for them dropping the sexual assault charge and not pursuing the death penalty although he was never eligible for the death penalty.

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