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 Nebraska Co-Chairs:


Charles and Caryl Harvey, Holyoke, Colorado

(The Harvey’s are the POMC contact for Nebraska)
Son, Chad William Harvey, 20, fatally shot in the face at a “friend’s” home,
September 23, l995.  There was no provocation. The suspect, Jared Beier shot Chad point-blank in the face killing him instantly as the bullet shattered Chad's brain stem.  Beier  was arrested, plea-bargained and was sentenced to 18 years in March 1996.  It is expected that Beier will serve only one-half of his sentence since Colorado has "no truth in sentencing" and his mandatory release date was expected to be in early 2009.


Carol Moss, Omaha

Son, Larry Darnell Moss, 21, stabbed to death by his girlfriend, November 6,  2002.  She first claimed it was an accident, then self defense.  It is believed that the police wanted to prosecute her but the DA said it was justifiable or too difficult to prove!  No arrest or conviction.

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