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 Missouri Co -Chairs:


Jack and Carol Angelbeck, Troy

Daughter, Mindy Griffin, 24, stalked by a parolee who broke into Mindy's condo by cutting through a screen where he confronted her, strangled her into unconsciousness, viciously raped her and then strangled  her to death, September 30, 1995. The killer, Michael Worthington, had been staying with another man living on the same street.  Worthington  was later arrested when DNA testing established he had raped and murdered Mindy. There was no plea bargaining. He waived his rights to a trial by jury.  November 1998, the judge imposed the death penalty for Mindy's murder as well as the prison terms for other offenses.  His death penalty is under appeal.


Sue Schimelfenyg, Gravois Mills

Daughter, Debra Suzanne Happ, 24, choked, dragged, tied and fatally

 beaten with a crowbar by two robbers who broke into her apartment,

June 11, 1997. The 27-year-old male and the 18 year-old female entered the apartment not knowing Debra was there.  They were arrested, claimed they were "mentally incapable to understand the repercussions of their actions."   4-1/2 years later the female killer was sentenced to 48 years, with possibility of parole after 20 years and the male killer was sentenced to death however, in January 2003, the Governor of Illinois commuted all death penalty murders.


Marge and Leo Wolfer, Kansas City

Her brother, Marion Merrigan, his wife, Kathleen and their two children,

 Helen Ann, 16 and Billy, 15 were murdered in cold blood in their home,

November 11, 1972.  The killer was waiting inside their home for them to be asleep. He went from room to room and shot each one from one to four times. Helen must have struggled with her killer as there was hair, teeth and curlers found in her room.  The perpetrator was a teenager who lived two miles away and went to school with Helen Ann and Billy.    He was arrested, tried as an adult and sentenced to only 45 years for four murders!  He claimed that he killed the Merrigan family because Billy had teased him!

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