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 Minnesota Co-Chairs:


Caryl Bestor-Hanson, Harmony

Her Mother, Gertrude Bestor, 86, beaten to death, February 19, 1995, by

 her great-step grandson, 19, who broke into her home in the middle of

 the night demanding money.  When she refused to give him money he brutally beat her to death.  The perpetrator was arrested two hours later with blood still on his hands and clothes.  The case was in the court system about one year; the killer was convicted in 1996 and sentenced to life with parole in thirty years.


Lois Hackbarth, Rochester

Friends, Bernie, 45, and Paulette, Brom, 44, and their two children,

 Diane, 12, and Ricky, 8, were axed to death by their own sixteen year-old son & brother, David, on February 22, 1988.  The murder of his family stemmed from the fact that his parents did not want him listening to heavy metal music or being influenced by his older brother's punk/satanic behavior.  (The older brother had left the home a year earlier.)  The perpetrator was arrested 24 hours later, was tried, convicted and sentenced as an adult to serve life in prison. He could come up for parole in 2041.


Jim and Joan Lym, Arden Mills

Son, Michael Lym, 37, was murdered while driving his cab, January 14, 1995.  This was scheduled to be Michael's last night of driving as he had experienced several threatening circumstances.  Two suspect were arrested and in May 1996, both were convicted.  One of the killers was sentenced to twenty-five years and the other's sentence was seventeen years.



Jack Munday and Fran Wohlenhaus-Munday, Isanti

Daughter, Marlys, 18, a high school senior was murdered May 8, 1979 in the family home by a man unknown to her who had been stalking her.

 Her killer was waiting for her inside the home and when she refused his advances he bashed her head with a crow bar and left her for dead.  Marlys' mother returned home and found Marlys near death.  This was a cold case until new evidence led to the indictment of Joseph Donald Ture, Jr. in December 1996 for the murder  of Marlys.  Ture was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in October 1998, consecutive to another woman's murder in 1980.   Marlys' parents pushed for an indictment against this heinous murderer who had killed a mother and three of her four children.  Ture was convicted of these murders in February 2000 and is currently serving six consecutive life sentences.


Rita Reker, St. Cloud

(Sadly, Mary & Susanne's Dad, Fred passed away in 2013)

Her two daughters, Mary, 15, and Susanne, 12, were abducted as they walked to a shopping center to buy school supplies on Labor Day, September 2, 1974.  Their bodies were found twenty-six days later in a quarry. They both had been viciously and repeatedly stabbed to death.  No arrests.  Unsolved.


Mary Stimpson, Shoreview

Her boyfriend, Steven John Jacobson, 42, shot multiple times in the chest while at his back door, November 5, 1997.  Steven most likely was attempting to feed  "the critters" leftovers around 11 p.m. that night.  His body was found the next morning at the base of his steps by his neighbor.  Shell casings were found on the neighbor's sidewalk.  Steven was shot at close range, at a distance of approximately five feet.  Detectives said it was a random gang hit.  No suspects have been arrested and no witnesses have come forward.  Unsolved.


Richard Wiggins and Sharon Huberty, St. Paul

Their son, Richie A. Wiggins, 18 and his friend, Don were confronted by nine gang members, then robbed and shot, October 1, 1997.  After they were robbed, a older gang member dared a fifteen year-old gang member to shoot Ritchie and Don - he did.   Richie died at the scene and Don survived.   Five were arrested.  It took nearly two years for their cases to go through the court system.  Three were sentenced as juveniles and freed at twenty-one years of age.  One was sentenced to simple robbery, thirty days.  The shooter was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 25 years.


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