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 Michigan Co-Chairs:


Levada Austin-Giesey, Wixom

Son, William Austin, 25, shot to death during an armed robbery, December 5, 1987.  "Billy" didn't hand over his money fast enough.  He bled to death internally as the bullet destroyed an artery.  The suspect was arrested and Billy's family had to wait six and one-half years for the trial.  The perpetrator was found not guilty because hostile witnesses recanted their testimony.  Today he is in prison serving ten to thirty years for two more armed robberies, but no prison time for murdering Billy.


Patricia Lemons, Detroit

Son, Leon Lemons, 20, murdered by two so-called “friends” in his apartment,

March 28, 1991.  Leon was alone when he answered the doorbell and let his friends inside.  He was found shot to death, lying in his bedroom.  Leon's family waited almost five years for the suspects to be arrested.  The killers had previous convictions, yet they were able to plea bargain.  Both sentenced February 1996 to twenty to twenty-five years.


Angela M. Olson, Lansing*

Angela, was a victim survivor of rape committed in her home, May 5, 1998, in the middle of the night while she was sleeping.  The stranger woke her and raped her.  It was later learned that the perpetrator was a serial rapist and although the state had a task force, he wasn't caught for almost two years. Perpetrator was arrested, convicted March 28, 2000 and convicted as a serial rapist to CSCI 41-54 years and HI 16-40 years.  To change the law to protect privacy, Angela has since testified in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.


Ardis Renkoski, Okemos

Daughter, Paige, 30, missing since May 24, 1990.  Paige was last seen talking to an unknown Black male on the side of Interstate I-96.

 Her car was found abandoned with the engine running, front door unlocked with her shoes and her purse inside.   There were two suspects; one is currently in jail and the second has been released.  There was not enough evidence for arrest(s). Unsolved.

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