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Maryland Co-Chairs:


Roberta and Vince Roper, Upper Marlboro

Daughter, Stephanie Roper, 22 was kidnapped by a teenager and a twenty-six year-old man after Stephanie's car had broken down, April 3, 1982.   The perpetrators repeatedly raped and tortured her.   Then they took her to a deserted shack and beat her with logging chains, shot her to death, burned her body and attempted to dismember her.  Jack Ronald Jones and Jerry Beatty  were arrested, their trials were in September & October 1982.  They were sentenced to two life terms and twenty years to be served concurrently, parole eligible in eleven and one-half years.  The second trial resulted in a consecutive life sentences as both murders had prior records in the adult and juvenile courts.

NOTE:  During the trials the court excluded Stephanie's family from the courtroom and never notified them of continuances.


Kevin and Tory Shearer, Columbia

Daughter, Alexa, only 15 months old, was shaken by her daycare provider

 who then slammed her little head against a hard surface, killing her,

November 16, 1999.  The daycare worker was arrested December 1999, convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to ten years, July 2001.  The count of child abuse resulting in death, a five year sentence was suspended.


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