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 Maine Co-Chairs:


Edward and Cristina Berrigan, Wells

Son, Kevin "Bear" Berrigan, 21 was stabbed to death on the former El Toro Marine Base, California, March 20, 1985. Kevin was to testify against the suspect on an upcoming court martial. When Kevin refused to change his testimony, the suspect entered Kevin's room the night before  he was to give his testimony and was stabbed Kevin to death.  The perpetrator was arrested, convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to twenty-five years to life, July 1985.


 Bob LaVine, Norway

Daughter, Kimberly Dianne LaVine, 27, and her fiancé, Edward T. Smith, 27, were  murdered March 9, 1985.  The engaged couple had last been seen taking a trip in their new car as they crossed the Columbia River into Grant County.  Ten days later Ed’s body was found in a gravel pit with his throat slit.  Kimberly’s remains were not discovered for another five months, in August 1985.  Four years later an inmate in prison in another state was identified as the possible murderer by a single fingerprint left on their car.  He was finally extradited to Washington State, pled guilty to both murders and was sentenced in 1991 to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


 John E. Leighton, Jr., Scarborough

Sister, Dawn Leighton, 34, was asleep in her new home when she was attacked and brutally murdered, May 1, 1998.  A male acquaintance somehow entered her home, awakened Dawn and attacked her.  As the attack took place, Dawn fought for her life while being stabbed viciously and repeatedly.   Before help arrived 47 minutes later, Dawn bled to death from nine stab wounds, three being fatal.   Her killer fled in his own vehicle and was arrested when the police forced him off the road.  Two years later he was sentenced to 45 years in state prison.

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