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 Louisiana Co-Chairs:


Ione Bolden, Jefferson

Baby son, Corey Kinyeta James, 2, was shot and killed

as he and his Mother, Ione were walking to a little friendís birthday party,

October 8, 1978.  Corey was rushed to the hospital and four hours later he died from the fatal bullet wound that entered his brain and traveled into his lung.  March 1979: the shooter was sentenced to only 10 years for Negligence Homicide since this was his first offense. Two months later, unbeknownst to Corey' Mother, the killer was given only five years with a two-year work release program!


Penny and Michael Moreau,  formerly of New Orleans
(Currently living in San Diego, California)
Son, Tim Moreau, 21, strangled to death by two killers, George Castagnola and Larry Hurwitz, January 23, 1990 and believed to be buried in a pre-dug grave in a rural area of Washington State.
The killers were Tim 's boss, Hurwitz and  Castagnola, an employee, conspired to make it appear that Tim had disappeared.  It wasn't until October 1998 that the family learned the truth when one of the killers confessed.  The accomplice, Castagnola,  was sentence to 10 years and was released in October 2006, after serving only 8 years.  Tim's boss, Larry Hurwitz, plea-bargained to 12 years, in September 2000 and was released in April 2008, having served only ten years!  Both killers are to remain on lifetime post prison supervision.

NOTE:  The number of persons permitted to give impact statements was limited by the court.  The trial date was often postponed.  Tim's parents do not believe that the prison system kept them informed on any changes in status of the murderers and that they have received only limited information.


Catalene Theriot, New Iberia*

Son, Carl "Dean" Theriot, Jr., 21 was murdered by his "best friend" Marty, over a girl on April 19, 1994.  Dean was shot three times in the head and left by the side of the road.  It took 15 months before anyone knew who murdered him.  The "best friend" attended Dean's funeral and help put reward signs out.  His first arrest was in July 1995 and it took almost a year for the trial and conviction.  The sentence was life in prison.



Lynda and Guy Wooldridge, Madisonville

Son, Kevin Wooldridge, 34, was shot to death through his front door windowpane after he had run back inside his home during a bungled burglary,  September 7, 1998.  Kevin and his friend had been approached outside by two male teenagers who asked for cigarettes, then demanded money and drew guns on them.  When Kevin and his friend ran back inside and shut the front door, three bullets fired through the front door glass hit Kevin in his head and neck. The two suspects were arrested,  indicted for first degree murder but their cases went to the Appellate Court twice and two times to the State Supreme Court. April 2004: only one of the murderers has been found guilty of second degree murder.

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