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 Kentucky Co-Chairs:


Melissa Buchanan, Vanceburg

Brother, Marvin “Charlie” Prater, 33, beaten with a baseball bat

 and robbed by his "friends"  who had tricked him into thinking they were going to help him find his car, October, 21, 2000. The killers left the state for two days and after spending "Charlie's" money, they  returned to the crime  scene and buried him.  Almost two years later, the four defendants were sentenced September 20, 2002.



John and Pat Byron, Louisville

Daughter, Mary Byron, 21, shot to death, on her 21st birthday

by her former boyfriend, Donovan Harris, as she was sitting in her car after work,  December 6, 1993. The suspect, who had earlier been released from jail, unbeknownst to Mary, approached her car and fired seven bullets into her head and chest at point blank range. Even though the killer was arrested, charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1994, it is believed that in Kentucky, a life sentence means the perpetrator will be up for parole in 2006!

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