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Kansas Co-Chairs:


George and Diana Abney, Topeka

Daughter, Crystal Casey, 23 beaten and strangled to death by her ex-husband the night of June 26, 2000.  Crystal was found the next morning by her girlfriend.  Crystals' two youngest children, ages two and seven months were also in the house at the time of their mother's murder.  The perpetrator was arrested, released and finally re-arrested in May 2003, tried and convicted of first degree murder.  He was sentenced October 2, 2003 to life in prison with the possibility of parole in twenty-five years.


Terri Clark, Topeka

Daughter, Dana Hudson, just shy of her 20th birthday,

and Dana’s thirteen month-old baby boy, “ little” Gabriel,

(Terri’s Grandson) were killed when their apartment blew up,

July 29, 2001.   There were four suspects in and around the apartment building before the explosion.  Two of the suspects were convicted of two counts of first degree murder and multiple charges of attempted murder, robbery, etc.  The two perpetrators were sentenced in 2002 to two consecutive life sentences,



Ed Hobson, Kansas City

Son, Christen, 13, was taken by his 17 year-old stepbrother and his friend and made Christen dig his own grave. Then they “blew him away,”

April 17, 1980.



Corinne Radke, Wichita

Son, Tom Eugene Kelley, 27, was found dead in his house,

 three days after he had been brutally murdered August 18, 1986.

 Tom had been hit over the head twice, covered with clothes, curtains, bedclothes and left in his bed.   A murder weapon was never found. The suspect fled the state and it took almost ten years after the murder him to be brought back to Kansas and for the trial to begin.  Since the case was circumstantial, the defendant was acquitted, July 1996.

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