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 Indiana Co-Chairs:


Ted Davis, Gary

His two brothers both murdered just three years apart:

 Joseph Edward Davis, 20, was shot in the head while sitting in a car with his brother, Richard on July 8, 1981. Five persons in a car pulled into the parking lot and shot Joseph.  Joseph was in a coma for two weeks before being taken off life support, July 22, 1981.  Of the original five suspects, two were released and one was not prosecuted.  The instigator only received probation while the shooter was sentenced to five years but only served two and one-half years.

- ALSO -

Richard Steven Davis, 21, was shot in the heart and fell back through a window on November 6, 1984 while visiting his girlfriend's apartment. No arrests or convictions.



Earlene Eason, Gary

Son, Christopher Eason, 16, shot to death when he went with a friend to an apartment, July 16, 2000.   Gunshots were fired. Christ was shot and killed with a sawed-off shotgun. His friend managed to escape.  A few months later, the 24 year-old suspect from El Salvador was arrested in another state. At his first trial, the two witnesses retracted their story and it was a hung jury.  At the second trial the killer plea bargained to second degree murder and was sentenced to seventeen years.



Sylvia Franklin, Merriville

Son, Moses Tucker, 18, shot to death at close range in the leg, back and chest by two brothers, his so-called “friends” June 16, 1998.    One of the brothers had befriended Moses and had stayed at their home. He had attended elementary , middle and high school with Moses.  Moses was murdered because he had told the brothers not to bother with somebody's car.  The two killers  murdered another person after they killed Moses.  In 2003, five years later, the two suspects were finally apprehended  when the shotgun used in Moses' murder was found during a police raid.  The perpetrators are both in jail on a murder charge but not for killing Moses.



Teresa McCarley & Mary Phillips, Gary

Son & Grandson, Shaun, 23, was gunned down and shot twenty-three times by a convicted felon, September 5, 2003. Shaun was dragged out of the car he was riding in and shot to death.  The shooter mistakenly thought that Shaun had recently robbed his home but in fact it was the killer's own accomplice.  The accomplice was arrested a week later and the shooter arrested six weeks later.  The accomplice plea bargained and  the shooter was found guilty of murder in January 2004. The shooter was sentenced to sixty-five years without parole.




Dale and Dr. Connie Sutton, Boggstown

Daughter, Kelly Eckart, 18, was abducted from  the parking lot of the store where she worked part-time while attending college, September 27, 1997.  Her abandoned car was found halfway between the store and her home.  Kelly's body was found raped and strangled four days later.  Almost two months later, her killer, Michael Overstreet was taken into custody and murder charges were filed on November 10, 1997.   Overstreet's trial began May 1, 2000.  On May 13th he was found guilty of all charges against him and it was recommended that he receive the death penalty.


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