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 Connecticut Co-Chairs:


Lawrence and Shirley Bostrom, Marlborough

Daughter, Dr. Margaret Bostrom, 31, stabbed sixteen times in in her chest by her estranged husband, Mitchell F. Paster as she was getting out of the shower, August, 16, 1996. Margaret  was stabbed so violently that one of the wounds went completely through her body.  Additional cuts to her arms, hands and chin were sustained as she attempted to defend herself.    Since Margaret was a psychologist at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary and lived on the grounds, her murder was a federal case. When Paster was arrested and questioned by the FBI, he denied any recollection of what actually happened although he had called his mother and then called 911.  The original appeal was for a conviction of 2nd degree murder, 35 years, but after the appeal, the sentence was twenty-one years and eight months. Since this was a federal case there are no parole hearings.  However, Paster receives 55 days good behavior off of his sentence each year  which means he his estimated release date will be in August 2015.

NOTE:  Margaret's family wanted a trial but the "higher ups" in the U.S. AG's Office wanted a plea.  The family did not get to speak to the judge.  There were ten delays from the original trial date of December 1996, until the plea, on November 1997.  The delays were believed to be caused from the defense motions for bail, suppression of evidence, psychiatric examinations and conflicts with the defense attorney's schedule.



Dee and Suzanne Clinton, Old Lyme

Dee’s Son and Suzanne’s Brother, Anson B. Clinton III, 28, murdered by a hired “hit man”  Mark Despres, all revolving around custody of a child,  March 10, 1994. When Anson stopped to aid Despres, who pretended to be out of gas, Anson was shot five times, mortally wounded. Then Anson was left by the side of the road.  The case took nine years to go through the system. The "master-mind" received a life sentence, her accomplice was sentenced to thirty-five years and the hired shooter was sentenced to forty-five years.

NOTE:  The family was not allowed to have a family representative in the courtroom.  They had to use an independent victim advocate.



John Cluny, Norwich

Wife, Elaine, 43, and their son, David, 14, murdered in their

home by a 15 year-old “family friend,” May 24, 1993. The family had known the youth for over 10 years and these murders were so horrific that the state law was later changed to try juveniles, 14 years and older, as adults.  Because he was 15, his name was not initially released yet given the severity of the charges, his case was transferred to adult court.  This case was instrumental in changing the laws. Michael Bernier pled guilty to double murder, sentenced to 60 years.  He  served 2 years in juvenile custody, then this convicted murderer was transferred to an adult facility.



Dr. Samuel and Wanda Rieger, Waterbury

Daughter, Melanie Ilene Rieger, 19, was strangled to death in her family home by her boyfriend of 3 ˝ years, Joel Crespo, on May 24 1994. Her parents were away on vacation in Aruba at the time.  Crespo made it appear as if Melanie had left town too as he put her body into large bags and rented a storage facility where he placed her remains. This cold-blooded killer claimed he had blacked out and couldn't remember anything due to a psychiatric disorder.  Opting out of a jury trial, Joel Crespo was found guilty of murder and sentenced to sixty years.

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