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John Adair, Toluca Lake

Brother, Robert Adair, 40, struck on the back of his head with a baseball  bat and killed as he walked home for lunch, November 5, 1996.  Murderer was tried and acquitted as key evidence was not utilized.  NOTE:  The victim's mother was expelled from the courtroom based on an alleged incident in the restroom.  Friends did write letters that were presented to the judge with regard to the defendant being released because the family couldn't.


Nancy Allen, Yorba Linda

Daughter, Cynthia Marie Martin, 11, shot to death by a 13 year-old friend, Paul Wersick, at his home, December 3, 1976.  When the girls arrived, Paul went to his mother's room to retrieve something - a gun. He asked them if they "wanted to see it shoot?" Paul held out his right hand and shot Cindy below her left eye, the bullet lodged in her brain. Cindy was rushed to the hospital, but never regained consciousness and died the next day. Paul's case went to Juvenile Court in May 1977; verdict was "Involved" (Involuntary Manslaughter with Gross Negligence). 
NOTE: Eighteen months later, July 1978, Paul murdered George Angerman, a Montgomery County Tax Assessor, whom Paul was lying in wait for in a parking garage. He bound and gagged him with his Boy Scout kerchief; shot him in the head and stole his watch and his wallet. This time Paul was found guilty and sane - sentenced to life in prison plus ten years. (It is believed that he had also committed nineteen counts of burglary and arson between his two murders for which he has never been tried.) His parole was blocked for ten years in December 1995, When his last parole hearing scheduled for September 2006 came up, the hearing was "postponed" as the perpetrator had "withdrawn his application." The perpetrator has turned 48 and  has been "out of the automatic every 3 years review" which happened once he turned 43.



Ruth Cousins Allen, Sky Valley

Husband, Philip Cousins, 44, robbed and shot to death at work. Phil went missing on March 3, 1994 and his body was discovered in the trunk of his car four days later on March 7th.  Thirteen years later, a former apartment manager, Douglas Wendel Mireles, known to Philip was arrested after new 3-D technology matched the bullets to the suspect's gun.  The perpetrator pled guilty to all charges and waived his right to a probationary report.  The judge sentenced him to 3 years for use of a firearm and 25 years to life for 1st degree murder, with some 600+ days of credit for time served.  NOTE:  The family was called to court for the hearing  when the killer pled guilty to all charges and waived his right to a probationary report.  On their way to court Ruth was called and told that she and her daughter Sarah were to make their impact statements that afternoon!




Patricia and Joe Almazan, Upland

Her father, Frank Teplansky, 51, was one of seven people massacred by Edward Charles Allaway at Cal State Fullerton,  July 12, 1976.  This mass murderer was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  He is still in a mental facility.  NOTE: Pat endured the typical lack of victims' rights as she was not allowed to speak during the trial, nor has any of the murder victims' families been heard by the court. Her family was forced to sit quietly in the courtroom for years while paid professionals have told the judge that Allaway is now "normal" and should be granted his freedom!  Pat was not notified of the killer's transfer to other facilities. She fears for her safety if Allaway is released.


Bob and Carol Anderson, Simi Valley

Son, Andy, 24, was shot and killed while standing in back of his truck at the Mid Lions' Campground, Rose Valley Las Padres National Forest on March 4, 1994. The suspect, who wanted Andy's truck, dragged Andy's body into the bushes, covered him up, then proceeded to go back to Andy's truck and shot his dog four times in the head.  The killer was arrested, convicted and sentenced April 21, 1995 for first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, grand auto theft, use of a firearm and killing Andy's dog, which added seven additional years to the sentence. 


Grace (Bertorelli) Arneal, Culver City

Father, Vincent Zazzara, 64, & her stepmother, Maxine Zazzara, 44, murdered by Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker,” in their home, March 29, 1985.  Their bodies were discovered two days later.  Ramirez was captured August 1995, convicted of 13 Los Angeles County murders and 5 attempted murders.  Special circumstances made him eligible for the death penalty in 12 of 13 murders.  Ramirez was sentenced to Death Row, September, 1989.


Luisa Ashley, Tujunga

Son, Anthony Prudhomme, 21, shot to death in his apartment,  November 3, 2000.  In October 2003 the perpetrator, Porfirio Avila, a gang member was found guilty on all counts:  Murder first degree, "attempted" home invasion and burglary.  Sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for both Anthony and another young man's murders.  NOTE:  If Anthony's mother, Luisa, desired information regarding trial proceedings, she had to check the sheriff's website.


Kenneth and Charlotte Austin-Jordan,

 Los Angeles

Her daughter, Jamee Finney, 13, and her neighborhood girlfriend were shot  and killed in a car five blocks from home, May 9, 1988.  Jamee was shot 15 times and her girlfriend was hit 6 times with an assault weapon.  Five men were arrested, ages 21 to 37 years old.  They were convicted and sentenced to 102 years consecutively.


Marie Belmontez, La Habra

Nephew, Stephen Sanchez, 20, fatally stabbed in the back while aiding a friend at a party, July 30, 2000. The killer was tried and found guilty of 2nd degree murder with enhancement, plus guilty of attempted murder.  Sentence November 2001: twenty-nine years to life.


Mary Bennett and Tina & Debbie Torrez, Buena Park

Mary’s Daughter and Tina & Debbie’s Sister, Cathy Torrez, 20, disappeared February 12, 1994 and was found a week later, stabbed to death in the trunk of her car.  It wasn't until 2007 that Cathy's ex-boyfriend and two others were finally arrested for Cathy's murder as DNA evidence was available.  March 2015:  Cathy’s ex-boyfriend Samuel Lopez was convicted of one felony count of murder with a sentencing enhancement of the use of a deadly weapon. May 2015: Samuel Lopez, was sentenced to 26 years to life in state prison for her murder.  Before he was sentenced, Lopez admitted to the murder for the first time, apologizing to Cathy's family who were present in the courtroom.


 Ada & Deene Brandt, Huntington Beach

Son, Rick, 35, murdered by his roommate, September 24, 1988.  The killer was arrested, confessed, tried and only convicted of 2nd degree murder.


Dennis Brown, Woodland Hills
(Sadly, Christopher's Mother, Donna passed away in 1998.)

Son, Christopher, 24, murdered by gang members during a 7-11 Store robbery, April 12, 1992.  The four gang members were arrested and tried.  The 15 year-old female was sentence to five years under house arrest; the 18 year-old male sentenced to life in prison without parole; the 20 year-old male, the driver, sentenced to 25 years and paroled; the 14 year-old killer was sentenced to Youth Authority and served a full ten years.


Vern & Hazel Brown, Fountain Valley

Grandson, Christopher Bret Fuit, 12 was accidentally shot in the back by a nine year-old neighbor boy on May 18, 1985.  Christopher and his brothers had been invited to spend the night at their neighbors. The neighbor boys had just returned from hunting bats with their father.  As they stood outside together some bats flew out of the trees.  The nine year-old raised his shotgun and fired, hitting Chris directly in the back.  The father of the nine-year-old ran to Chris and as he cradled him in his arms, Chris told him, "Tell my Mom I'm O.K."


Son, Bret Walker Fuit, 26, shot and killed in his neighborhood, October 1, 1985. It took seven years to get both the killer, Paul Sandoval and the accomplice Mark Baker convicted.  Both sentenced to 15 years to life.  They are still incarcerated and the Brown family is still attending their parole hearings.




Louis and Juditha Brown, Monarch Bay

Daughter, Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and friend, Ron Goldman, 25, were both brutally stabbed to death outside of Nicole’s condominium, June 12, 1994.   Nicole's husband and former football star, O. J. Simpson was arrested days later and charged with the double homicide.  He was found not guilty October 3, 1995 on both counts of murder in the criminal court.  On
 February 4, 1997, in the civil suit brought against him by the victims' families, Simpson was found libel on eight counts.


 Carol Bushard, Chico

Son, Andy, 26, shot in the head and killed by his roommate, Sam Parris on December 28, 2000.  The suspect hid Andy’s body in a remote area and Andy's body wasn't discovered until April 3, 2001.  Parris was also arrested on April 3rd, tried and sentenced to two consecutive terms of twenty-five years to life, November 2, 2002.  The first 25 years to life sentence is for the first degree murder conviction and the second 25 years to life is for the use of a firearm to kill Andy.  NOTE: Andy's Mother, Carol, states that at the sentencing, the perpetrator was allowed to speak last. He had taken notes throughout each of the family's Impact Statements and used these notes as his list of rebuttals. He faced the family, sitting just a few feet in front of them! It was a horrible experience for the entire family as Parris was allowed to make hurtful allegations about Andy.


Gary and Collene Campbell, San Juan Capistrano

Son, Scott Campbell, 27, strangled and thrown from an airplane, his body never recovered, April 17, 1982.  Two men were convicted and sentenced. Donald DiMascio was sentenced to life without parole and the other, Scott's "friend" Larry Cowell, was sentenced to two sentences of 25 years to life (running concurrently) January 1990, taking nearly eight years in court.  NOTE: At the time of Scott's murder, Donald DiMascio had been released on early parole after receiving four indeterminate life sentences and serving only four years. The other killer, Larry Cowell was out on bail awaiting a delayed trial for killing another man. The "Three Strikes" law would have saved Scott, had it been in effect at the time. During the three trials for the two killers, the Campbells were excluded from the courtroom and forced to sit in the hall. One of the killer's convictions was overturned at the District Court of Appeal and he was retried. The Campbells were not notified of the DCA hearing, nor were they notified that their son's killer had been released in their county. Nearly eight years after the murder, he was retried and again convicted.  In April 2011, the Campbells attended Cowell's third parole hearing which had been postponed in January 2011.  Cowell was denied parole for five more years.


Brother and sister-in-law, Mickey Thompson 59, and wife Trudy 41, shot and killed execution style in their driveway as they were leaving for work, March 16, 1988.  After nearly 14 years, Michael Frank Goodwin was arrested in Orange County, December 13, 2001 for the murders of Mickey and Trudy. In March 1, 2007, nearly 19 years after their murders, Goodwin, a man who had previously been convicted of 12 other felonies, was tried and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.


Merry Clark, Anderson

Son, Robert "Robbie" Scott Clark, 24, shot execution style on a dirt road in Redding, by two suspects, July 9, 1997. The two were arrested three days later.  Their trial began July 1998.  Both were convicted and sentenced: Abraham Santos received a determinant sentence as part of a plea agreement and was to be released in 2007.  Santos is out of prison now and on parole living in another state.  The shooter, Jerome Anderson was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole plus 13 years.  February 2009: The Supreme Court overturned the "LWOP" for Anderson and he was retried as his rights were supposedly violated.  He received another guilty verdict for Robbie's murder but the jury was hung on special circumstances.    Jerome Anderson was re-sentenced to 37 years.  NOTE:  Robbie's family found out after the fact that one defendant had a long criminal record and was out on parole at the time he murdered Robbie. The other had three separate incidents with at least one involving violence. Robbie's family went to court thirty times as the trial had many continuances. Robbie's Mom had to sit in court alone, silent and listen to them say that Robbie somehow deserved to be murdered.


 Julie A. Curran, Fullerton

Twin son, Mitchell James Curran, 18, was visiting his new girlfriend's home when he was attacked and stabbed 73 times by a parolee whom the girl had let into her home, November 4, 2001.  Mitchell had been waiting in the living room for her when this 24-year-old parolee who was jealous of Mitchell, took three different kinds of knives and stabbed him repeatedly in his upper torso, face, hands, arms and the back of his head.  Mitchell tried to run for his life but the perpetrator not only chased him but also tortured him by pulling Mitchell from underneath a desk, sitting on his back and stabbing him over and over in the back of his head.  This cold-blooded killer was arrested, convicted and sentenced to twenty-eight years to life, March 14, 2003.


 George Dalition, San Carlos
(Sadly, Linda's Mother, Jane passed away in 2006)

Daughter, Linda Adanalian, 37, died February 11, 2000. Her death has now been ruled a homicide poisoning.  The case remains open.  Unsolved.


Helene Davis, Oakland

Son, Darrell, 16, shot three times in the head and killed by two suspects, Jimmy Reed, a 16 year-old and Leon Gray, an adult, as he stood outside a friend’s home, February 15, 1989.  Trial began September 1989:  Both were convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 17 years to life.  The older perpetrator's sentence was increased to 22 years to life as he had been out on five years probation which was added to his sentence.   NOTE:  Darrell's mother, Helene was notified of his murder by one of his friends.  Helene did attend the trial dates and subsequent sentencing with strict warnings of no outbursts, no show of emotions and no notations during the course of the trial or discussion of the proceedings.  However, the defendants could stare, pass notes and show any emotion they chose, including laughter. Darrell's family's presence was the only way the judge and jurors maintained the sense of Darrell's identity and humanity. Prior to Darrell's murder, Leon Gray had received a sentence of forty years for the combination of attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping.  His sentence was reduced and he was released after serving only eight years, which was three years before he murdered Darrell.


Anna and Fernando Del Rio, Los Angeles

Daughter, Teresa, 20, fatally shot as she drove her friends home, June 7, 1999.  The suspect was arrested in Las Vegas and was ordered by a Los Angeles judge at a preliminary hearing to stand trial for three murders, three attempted murders and numerous other violent crimes.  The suspect remains in jail and the family is still awaiting a trial date.


Maryellen and Ronnie Ducharme, Garden Grove

Daughter, Denise Marie Duerr, 21, was leaving for work early in the morning of April 17, 1989 when she was stabbed to death 21 times by her boyfriend’s best friend, Cameron Seaholm.  He then raped her, put her in a vehicle and dumped her body alongside the 91 Freeway in Corona.  Seaholm was arrested, pled guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life.  He could possibly be paroled in 16 years.  NOTE:  Denise's Mother, Maryellen states that everything she learned about the case, she read in the newspaper. The family called the courts every week to find out when the proceedings would begin.


Maggie Elvey, Sacramento

Husband, Ross Elvey, 58, was robbed and severely beaten to the head,
 April 28, 1993 at his place of business.  The suspects, 15 and 16 year-old juveniles, ran out the front door and were apprehended within an hour.  Ross was in a coma for 41 days before succumbing.  The 15 year-old, Damion Miller, was sentenced to California Youth Authority.  Ross' wife, Maggie attended his yearly hearings.  The young killer was released from CYA on Aug. 19, 2002, the day before his 25th birthday.  Maggie was awarded restitution in the amount of $239,000 to use for her husband's medical bills.  She collected about $500 while the juvenile was in CYA.  She put a judgment on him when he was released from CYA and has not received a cent since.   The 16 year-old, Kristopher Kirchner was tried as an adult, charged with murder with special circumstances and was sentenced Sept. 1994 to life without the possibility of parole (LWOP).

 Kirchner and his cellmate attempted to kill another inmate in 2002.  They were both tried and in July 2006 the jury came back with guilty on all counts of Attempted Murder, Use of a Deadly Weapon and Great Bodily Harm.  Kirchner received 25 to life and his cellmate received Life without Possibility of Parole.  Maggie is now fighting to keep Kirchner in prison for life, as sentenced.  There is currently a big movement across the Nation to remove the Life without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP) sentences from teen killers, ages 16 up to 18 who commit First Degree Murder with Special Circumstances and they want the law to be retroactive.


 Ann Erickson, Lake Forest

Son, Steven Merritt, 21, shot to death and his body was left in the road, February 26, 1989.  His killer, Mark Morales, fled the country and lived in Mexico and Ireland for 11 years.  In March 2000, it was discovered that the perpetrator was back living and working in California.  His first trial was declared a mistrial. Morales was retried in August 2003, convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to seventeen years to life, November 2003. The killer's first parole hearing was in May 2010. Parole was denied for five years.


Susan Fisher, Sacramento

Brother, Ron Ruse, 28, stalked and shot to death in front of his garage, by his former girlfriend, Linda Elizabeth Ricchio (Navarro) on December 14, 1987. She had been threatening and harassing Ron for months, to the point where he obtained a restraining order.  Ricchio was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 27 years to life.  She married a prison guard where she was incarcerated.


Rick and Hedie Foss, Alta Loma

Son, Mark, 18, shot to death, in the family’s kitchen November 22, 1991 by a fifteen year-old Matthew Jerome Beck, a gang member. Beck was tried convicted and sentenced in just six weeks after Mark's murder.  In spite of three witnesses who testified that it was no accident and chronicled threats that Beck had made,  because he was a juvenile he was allowed to plea bargain to "involuntary manslaughter."  Matthew Beck was sentenced to four years for Mark's murder and four years for the use of a weapon for a total of eight years in the California Youth Authority.  This sentence gave Beck a release date of November 1999.


Dr. Ken and Dr. Donna Friess, San Juan Capistrano.

Donna was a victim of child molestation and rape at the hands of her father from the time she was 5 years old until she was old enough to leave home.

 (Donna has written 5 books)


Janet Garcia, San Bernardino

Son, Jesse Garcia, 16 was walking to a friend's house three blocks from his home when he was shot in the head, June 27, 1994.  It was later learned that a car had been randomly shooting  in the surrounding neighborhood and when the car came down the street, the killer shot Jesse.  Jesse ducked but was shot in the head and later declared brain dead.  No witnesses have come forward with information. Unsolved.


Agnes Gibboney, Rancho Cucamonga

Son, Ronald Da Silva, 29, was talking with a friend in a driveway when he was shot, April 27, 2002.  Ron  died three hours later.   The shooter and his accomplice were both gang members. The shooter took a plea of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 21 years in prison to serve 85% without parole. His accomplice's sentence is unknown. NOTE: The killer was transferred out of California and Ron's Mom, Agnes wasn't notified. Agnes had to do her own footwork and eventually found out that the killer was moved to Red Rock Prison in Red Rock Arizona.


John & Patsy Gillis, Rancho Murieta

A gang member wanting to move up to drug sales in his gang murdered his daughter, Louarna, 21, January 17, 1979.  Killing a police officer's daughter would elevate his status. (John Gillis was a Los Angeles Police Sargeant at the time.)  The killer, under false pretenses picked Louarna up a few blocks from her home, drove her to an alley, shot her in the head as she sat in the car, pushed her into the alley and them  fired additional shots into her back.  The killer was convicted, sentenced to 17 years to life.  His first parole hearing was in 1998.  His last parole hearing was in January 2012.  Parole was denied for five more years.

NOTE:  The family was not notified of critical proceedings in the killer's trial and the arraignment.  During the trial the family was not allowed to enter the courtroom.


Vidalina and Gustavo Gomez, Carson
(Sadly, Shaun's Mother, Vidalina passed away in 2004.)

Son, Shaun, 20, hit on the back of his head and killed as he walked home from a friend’s house, September 7, 2000.  His killer was in prison for another crime when he confessed to killing Shaun.  The perpetrator was charged with involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to only six years in prison, as he had not "intended" to kill Shaun.  NOTE: the lawyers worked out a plea bargain.  Shaun's mother, Vidalina, felt that if the case had gone to trial, her son's murderer would have done more time. 


John and Susan Hasko, Moreno Valley
(Sadly, Christopher's Dad, John passed away in  2007.)

Son, Christopher, 27,  hit over the head, beaten, strangled and his body  was stuffed in the cargo bin of his truck, July 7, 1993.  Two men and a women were arrested.  The trial was in 1997: Both men sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.  The woman was sentenced November 1997 to 25 years to life.  NOTE: It took four years for the case to come to trial. It is believed that both men were out on parole at the time they murdered Christopher.


LaWanda and Paul Hawkins, San Pedro
(Sadly, Paul passed away in Sept. 2002)

Their only son, Reginald L. Reese, 19 was shot to death in San Pedro, December 6, 1995. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds, in a vacant parking lot near the San Pedro Harbor. Reginald was a student and worked for Spirit Cruise Lines. His case, like so many others remains unsolved.


Paul's mother, Alma Washington, was also murdered  February 1989 in Los Angeles.  She was sitting in her wheelchair looking out the window when a shot was fired at a boy running past her window.  She was fatally struck by the bullets.  Two boys were arrested; the 14 year-old juvenile was released early and other is served an unknown period of time.


Lorna and Frank Hawkins, Lynwood

(Sadly, Frank passed away in 2006)

Two sons murdered.  Son, Joe, 21, shot twice and killed in his neighborhood during a drive-by shooting, the night before Thanksgiving,  November 23, 1988.   It is believed that  gang members saw Joe on the dark street about a block from home and mistook him for a rival gang member. Four youth were arrested and released as witnesses  wouldn't testify. One of Joe's murderers is believed to have been arrested, convicted and sentenced to death for at least three other murders.


Another son, Gerald, 22, was shot in the stomach during a drive-by,  March 30, 1992.  Gerald died several hours later.  Gerald was a criminal justice major at Compton College.  He was murdered by two drug addicts, one of whom was on probation, who tried to take his car. Gerald had hoped to one day become a probation officer. His killer was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 18 years to life.


Ryan Thomas Hawks, Cardiff*

Parents, Thomas & Jackie Hawks were kidnapped while out on their yacht giving the "potential" buyer, Skylar DeLeon and his accomplices,  a final test drive, November 15, 2004.  The Hawks were in the process of selling their yacht to move back to Arizona to be closer to their family.  It was DeLeon who used his wife, Jennifer, who brought their infant child on board,  to ease the Hawks' minds regarding Skylar being a legitimate buyer of their yacht. While out on the water,  it was DeLeon, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Alonso Machain and another co-conspirator who used stun guns to overpower them, handcuffed and bound them together with duct tape as they  forced the Hawks to sign over their yacht and bank accounts to them. Tom & Jackie were then handcuffed to the boat's anchor and thrown overboard alive.  Their bodies have never been found.  One month later their car was found in Ensenada, Mexico and it took until March 2005 for all the suspects to be charged with murder although all pleaded not guilty.  In 2009, double murder convictions were affirmed.  Skylar DeLeon, the mastermind,  was sentenced to death earlier in 2009 and was also convicted for another unrelated murder of an Anaheim man.  DeLeon's wife, Jennifer Anderson-DeLeon,  will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole.   One co-conspirator, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was sentenced to death as the "muscle" who helped restrain Tom.  Machain and another co-conspirators received lesser sentences.


James Hildreth, Castaic

Brother-in-law, Deputy David W. March, 33, brutally executed in the line of duty, April 29, 2002.  A passing motorist observed Deputy March lying in the street, his handgun was still in his holster.  The known perpetrator admitted killing Deputy March to a number of his acquaintances.  He had been voluntarily returned once and formally deported to Mexico twice.  The killer was also a three-time convicted drug dealer and weapons offender.  At the time of Deputy March's murder, he was wanted on two counts of attempted murder.   It is believed that the suspect's goal was to "kill a cop" and he fled to Mexico within eight hours.  NOTE:  In 2006, the killer, Armando Jose Arroyo Garcia was extradited from Mexico to stand trial, after a death penalty conviction was removed if he were convicted.  Garcia pleaded guilty in a Pomona, California courtroom and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2007.


R. Kay Hocking, Orange

Son, Jason McGee,  25, stabbed four times in his heart and killed while  sleeping in his apartment, October 19, 2000.  Trial was scheduled to begin  in 2004 in Florida where the murdered occurred.  No other information at this time.


Cathy and Dennis How, Yorba Linda

Son, Daniel, 22, struck and killed in a hit and run on a dry lake bed, October 14, 1999.  Suspect was arrested five months later. He pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in August 2001after a jury deadlocked 10-2 in favor of acquitting him on 2nd degree murder charges.  He was sentenced February 2002 to three years in prison, the toughest sentence allowed under a plea agreement.


Kappy Hurst, Yorba Linda

Friend of Mickey & Trudy Thompson, who were shot to death assassination-style in their own driveway, March 16, 1988.  After 19 years, Michael F. Goodwin was finally convicted and on March 1, 2007.  He was sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.


Cynthia Islas, West Sacramento

Brother, Richard, 39, gagged, bound and bludgeoned to death  with a claw hammer in his own home by  his roommate, Clifford Myelle, July 6, 1989.  Richard's body was found  by his parents and blood was everywhere as Richard had attempted to escape from the brutality inflicted on him.  When Myelle was arrested, Richard's car, wallet and other items were found with him.  Two jurists refused to convict Myelle on a death penalty case.  A compromised verdict was reached in 1991: 2nd degree murder, sentenced to 15 years to life.  The killer's fourth parole hearing was January 2011. Clifford Myelle was denied parole for a period of seven years.


Karey Jaeger, Orange County

Son, Tyler, 22 months old, was murdered by a trusted caregiver, Brian Laudenback, March 25, 1994.  Tyler died from internal injuries caused by blunt force trauma.  Laudenback was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in April 1995.  He has been denied parole twice and his next parole hearing is in 2012.  Tyler's Mom campaigned for the passage of the Tyler Jaeger Act which was passed by the California Legislature in 1996 and is known as AB 2258.   The bill increases the penalty for people found guilty of child abuse and assaulting a child under eight years old using force to produce great bodily injury or the death of that child.  Laudenback's parole was denied for five more years in 2012.


Marc Klaas, Sausalito

Daughter, Polly, 12, kidnapped from her home, October 1, 1993.  She was  strangled and her body was discovered  November 24, 1993,  thirty-one miles from her home.   The suspect, Richard Allen Davis, had twice been convicted of kidnapping,  was arrested the same month.  Davis was convicted of the kidnap and murder of Polly and found guilty on all counts, including four special circumstances;  August 1996 he was sentenced to death.  NOTE:  Richard Allen Davis had a twenty-year career of violent and sexual crimes. He was a recidivist violent offender who had served only seven years of a sixteen year sentence for kidnap, assault and robbery prior to murdering Polly.


Debbie Lowe, Roseville

Father, Jim Lowe, 71 was beaten to death with a hammer by a family member, December 26, 2006.  The murderer was arrested and the family is awaiting a trial date that has been rescheduled several times.


Toni and Jim MacDonald, Santa Rosa

Son, James, 24, a Compton Police Officer and his partner, were shot and killed,  February 23, 1993.  The officers had made a routine traffic stop when a struggle ensued and the suspect, a felon, shot both officers five times and when they were down, he shot each one in the head. The trial took 13 weeks, convicted, found guilty and sentenced to death August 1995.


Rose Madsen, Redlands

Daughter, Jennifer Balber, 20, a victim of a senseless drive-by shooting  while she was performing her duties as a gas meter reader, November 10, 1994 in Rialto, CA.  The shooter was a "transplant" gang member from Los Angeles who had been sent to Fontana, CA weeks prior.  He was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life.  The driver received 1 year probation, the other seven got off scot-free.  NOTE:  Jennifer's family did not feel safe at the hearings because gang friends were present.  It is believed that the killer had numerous felonies but no convictions.


John and Barbara March, Canyon Country

Son, Deputy David March, 33,  was brutally executed during a routine traffic stop, April 29, 2002.   A passing motorist observed Deputy March lying in the street, his handgun was still in his holster.  The known perpetrator admitted killing Deputy March to a number of his acquaintances.  He had been voluntarily returned once and formally deported to Mexico twice.  The killer was also a three-time convicted drug dealer and weapons offender.  At the time of Deputy March's murder, he was wanted on two counts of attempted murder.   It is believed that the suspect's goal was to "kill a cop" and he fled to Mexico within eight hours.  NOTE:  In 2006, the killer, Armando Jose Arroyo Garcia was extradited from Mexico to stand trial, after a death penalty conviction was removed if he were convicted.  Garcia pleaded guilty in a Pomona, California courtroom and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2007.


Lupe Eva Martinez, Westminster

Son, Arthur Martinez, III, 25, was struck by a car and run over twice, January 15, 2001. The perpetrator was a gang member who had been out of prison only one month.  There was an arrest but no trial or conviction.



Janice Maurizi, Los Angeles

Victim Provider, County of Los Angeles, District Attorney’s office.  Janice works in the District Attorney’s office to assist crime victims.  She is a wonderful support and friend for all victims and donates her personal time to pass the Amendment


Bob and Donna Mincy, Garden Grove

Son, Steven, 30, shot and killed, along with a friend, September 2, 1989. The killer Paul Bolin, was arrested in Illinois in 1990 after the showing of "America's Most Wanted."  The perpetrator sentenced to two death sentences, plus forty years for growing marijuana.  Had the suspect been in jail, Steven  would be alive today.


Carlos and Alicia Morales, Baldwin Park

Son, Roberto, 19, fatally shot at a private home party, when two gang members refused to be frisked, December 20, 1992.  The second gang member died the next day from one of the bullets that went through Roberto.  The perpetrator was arrested, found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole October 1994.


Penny and Michael Moreau, San Diego
Son, Tim Moreau, 21, strangled to death by two killers, January 23, 1990 and believed to be buried in a pre-dug grave in a rural area of Washington State. The killers conspired to make it appear that Tim had disappeared.  It wasn't until Oct. 1998 that the family learned the truth when one of the killers confessed.  The accomplice was sentence to 10 years and the killer plea-bargained to 12 years, in Sept. 2000.  Both killers are now out of prison and both remain on lifetime post prison supervision.  NOTE:  The number of persons permitted to give impact statements was limited by the court.  The trial date was often postponed.  Tim's parents do not believe that the prison system kept them informed on any changes in status of the murderers and that they have received only limited information.


Dr. Robert Murphey, Jr., Davis

Daughter, Stephane, 37, sexually assaulted and fatally strangled by a perpetrator who had broken into her  New Mexico home, April 15, 1999.  In June 2002, there was a DNA match to a neighborhood suspect, David Felix Bologh who had lived less than 200 feet from Stephanie's home and who was already incarcerated and about to be released!  In October 2003 the family was notified of a hearing on a motion to release the suspect.  Stephane's mother, father and sister wrote aggressive statements about the matter that were delivered to the DA's office in New Mexico.  The judge read them and when he showed the letters to the defense attorney, he withdrew his motion to release the suspect.   On May 16, 2006 with a  "no contest" plea bargain arrangement, David Bologh, 41,  was sentenced to 21 years in prison for Stephane's murder.  It is certain he will spend some time in prison, but probably less than if a jury had found him guilty of first degree murder. NOTE: The killer was transferred from New Mexico to a facility in Arizona in June 2008.  The family was not informed of the transfer until Stephane's sister inquired about his whereabouts.  His projected release date is February 2015, at which time he will have served only a fraction of his sentence.


Jean and Jack O’Hara, Pleasant Hill

(Sadly, Jean O'Hara passed away Dec. 31, 2010.  Jean & Jack were both advocates for crime victims' rights with FORCE 100 and Jean spearheaded the "Survivors of Murder Victims" organization since 1998.)

Daughter, Nancy, 23, stabbed 70 times and her son, Jesse, 23 months,  was stabbed over 50 times when an acquaintance came to borrow money and killed them both.  January 20, 1986.  Defendant ransacked the house, took a tool box which he sold for $100 and was apprehended two weeks later.  Convicted and sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole.


Jean and Joe Pascale, Anaheim

Daughter, Susanmarie "Bunny" Pascale, 26, shot to death by her ex-husband,  Troy Clyde Kamekona, on May 27, 1985.  He was convicted at his first trial but due to jury misconduct, it was overturned.  At the second trial, July 1988, the perpetrator was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 17 years to life.  NOTE:  Bunny's family was not notified of Kamekona's arraignment, therefore they were not present.  Being subpoenaed by the defense attorney, her mother was kept out of the entire first trial.  Because of a departmental error, on the day of sentencing, the family was not in court to give their impact statement.

March 2011:  Clyde Kamekona's parole hearing in Vacaville, was followed by compassionate release hearings in San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga and again in Vacaville.  At this last Vacaville hearing, the parole board allowed Kamekona to be paroled due to medical issues.  Sometime after his release, Kamekona died.


Paul Paulsen, Anaheim

Sister, Debbie Paulsen, 25, was one of seven people massacred at Cal State Fullerton College, July 12, 1976.  The mass killer, Edward Allaway, was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  He is still in a mental hospital.

NOTE:  A group called the "Responsible Justice of Communities" to fight Allaway's possible release was formed in February 2001.  Paul Paulsen, Debbie's brother said, "We don't see further punishment, we seek protection."


Carole Peterson, Laguna Hills

Husband, Alan,  62, shot to death outside a “Jack in the Box” restaurant by three assailants,  November 14, 1996.   Peterson had stopped at the restaurant, was standing by his car, when he was approached by the three assailants.  Witnesses say the "shooter" ran up to Alan as he unlocked his car door, grabbed him by the shoulder and spun Alan around.  In the process, the gunman fell backwards and getting up, he fired two rounds at Alan.   One of the rounds hit Alan in the chest.   The other two accomplices were waiting in a car and fled along with the "shooter."  The car was identified by its license plates as having been in a Gardena, California carjacking earlier in the day. The shooter, an adolescent Crips gang member, was arrested and at his trial was February 1997  he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole,  plus 28 years.


Janet Ponder, Los Angeles*

Son, Ronnie Arch, 28 was killed April 30, 2006.  There were others at the crime scene but it does not appear that the police got their names or any witness information.  Ronnie's cell phone was at the scene but there is no other information at this time.  Unsolved.



Jennifer Porter, Yorba Linda

Father, Harry Christensen, 49, kidnapped and shot to death, when he showed a prospective buyer his plane, January 6, 1999.   His body wasn’t discovered

until May 2, 1999.  The killer had an extensive criminal record and was out on parole.  A change of plea hearing was held in 1999, the deal was for the perpetrator to receive life in prison without the possibility of parole instead of the death penalty,


Keith and Rita Reed, Riverside

Son, Donald, 27, a Garden Grove Police Officer, was fatally wounded as he tried to apprehend a suspect, John George Brown, on June 7, 1980.    Brown was arrested the same night and convicted of special circumstances and sentenced to the death penalty.  Killer was retried in December 1999 and once again the jury recommended that he be sentenced to death for the murder of Donald.  John George Brown was returned to San Quentin's Death Row for the second time, March 31, 2000.


Jack and Genelle Reilley, Laguna Beach

(Sadly, Genelle Reilley passed away December 21, 2012, awaiting justice for over 26 years for her daughter, Robbin's murder.)

Daughter, Robbin Brandley, 23, stabbed forty-one times in a college parking lot  and was left to bleed to death,  January 18, 1986.  More than a decade later, in 1997, a former Camp Pendleton Marine, Andrew Urdiales, 32, confessed to killing Robbin and seven others in a murder spree that spanned 10 years in California and Illinois. Urdiales was sentenced to death in 2002 for killing two Chicago area women but the sentence was later commuted to life in prison.  Then in 2004, he was again sentenced to death for the 1996 shooting of a 21 year-old woman.   California prosecutors delayed trying him on these five local cases until after the completion of the Illinois trials.  Urdiales is appealing his death sentence in Illinois.


Valerie Richards-Dodini, Fairfield

Son, Daniel Fritts, 23, fatally shot twice in the head and robbed, August 3, 1991.  It was said, the 17-1/2 year-old suspect had met Dan at a grocery store parking lot and asked Dan to drive him to an orchard to meet his cousin.  When Dan went to leave the two cousins, he heard a sound, turned his head around and was struck by a bullet which entered his head under his right jaw and exited his left ear.  As Dan laid on the ground, the shooter walked up to Dan and put a second bullet through the left side of Dan's head, killing him instantly, then robbing him.  The shooter was arrested, convicted of 2nd degree murder March 1994, sentenced to 15 years to life plus 5 years for the use of a firearm.  His cousin pleaded guilty as an accessory and was sentenced to one year and  served only 6 months.  January 2011: The day of his first parole hearing the killer agreed to a 7-year span until he would next be eligible for parole.


Luz Ruiz, La Puente*

Son, Roberto Ruiz, Jr. 23 was shot to death while attending a birthday party at a private residence, November 20, 2005.  An uninvited guest walked into the backyard and started arguing with a guest.  He pulled out a gun and started shooting.  Four people were struck, "Bobby" and another guest were killed, two guests survived the shooting.  Bobby was not a gang member. He was a single father who was raising his two year-old son.  The perpetrator was arrested and the family is awaiting a trial.  No other information at this time.


Erin Runnion, Westminster

Daughter, Samantha, 5, kidnapped, sexually molested and killed July 15, 2002.  Samantha was found the next day in a deserted hillside.  Four days later the search for the sexual-killer-predator, Alejandro Avila, ended.  The killer had visited his girlfriend over a year before  in the same building as Samantha's family lived so this information made Samantha's case of kidnapping and murder not a random case.  Trial began on April 11, 2005; the jury found the killer guilty on April 28th.  After two days of deliberation the jury recommended the death sentence on May 16th and his death penalty sentencing was July 22, 2005.  Avila is the 645th person on Death Row in California.


Linda Sawin, Redondo Beach

Son, Daniel Purol, 20, stabbed to death after an altercation, June 12, 1988.  The perpetrator claimed self-defense and was not convicted.


Rosemary Sherman, El Cajon

Son, John, 41, found slashed and stabbed to death in the front seat of his van in New Mexico,  December 27, 1998.  The case was first ruled a homicide and then a suicide although there was evidence and  case information which was not investigated or was not handled properly.  John's family has had to live with the agony, grief and bewilderment of why John's case had been mishandled and so many questions left unanswered.  Unsolved.


Lucy and Frank Shivak, Oceanside

Daughter, Lisa Marie, 27, viciously beaten to death, her entire body bruised and her brain stem crushed, April 9, 1986.  Lisa's body was found the next day. The coroner stated that because of the tremendous damage done to her body,  it was impossible to tell where one blow started or ended.  Jeffrey A. Langnese was arrested, plea bargained to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced September 1986 to 15 years to life.  In December 2008,

 Langnese  was granted parole.


Jodi Stout-Ward, Yorba Linda

Son, Ty Aaron Stout, 23, fatally stabbed six times at a “flyer” party,  December 8, 1990.  Ty's brother witnessed his murder.  The suspect was a gang member and the so-called "bouncer." Three arrests, three convictions: Two were accessory and the killer was convicted of 2nd degree murder, sentenced to fifteen years to life.


Michael and Vada Thomason, Sanger
(Sadly, Harold's Mother, Vada passed away in 2004.)

Son, Harold, 32, and his friend, while visiting a Kenneth Lay, were wounded and then killed at point-blank range by Lay on April 21, 1993.   The suspect was arrested and  his first trial ended in a hung jury.  At the second trial, December 1994, Lay waived a jury trial and was sentenced to 13 years for voluntary manslaughter and two counts of using a firearm.  This killer was released from prison in June 2002, after serving less that half of his sentence for two homicides.


Linda Tissel, La Verne

Parents, John and Doris Percell, both 61, shot and killed in their home, November 16, 1988.  Three days later, their bodies were discovered.  Four months later the killer was captured in Vermont and extradited to California.  In 1993, the victims' son was sentenced to two life terms plus four years (twice) for the use of a firearm. The killer never gave a motive as to why he would murder his parents.


Anabella Vara, South Gate

Father, Carlos Vara, 47, was shot to death, August 27, 1999, in his home by  his son-in-law, (Ana’s husband), who had been on trial for attempting to

murder Anabella four months earlier and was out on bail. Since the murder of her father, the killer has been a fugitive at large.  In spite of everything, the trial continued and Daniel was convicted in absentia on five counts:  willful deliberate pre-meditated attempted murder with use of a firearm, spousal abuse with infliction with great bodily injury, kidnapping with use of a firearm, false imprisonment by violence using a firearm and stalking.  NOTE: In January 2006, Daniel Perez was arrested and detained in Mexico.   This was the first co-operative action where Mexico could hand over to the U.S. fugitives facing life sentences and not the death penalty.  March 2007:  Daniel Perez was convicted in absentia for the attempted murder of his estranged wife, Anabella and the accused slaying of her father, Carlos Vara.  He was extradited from Mexico to Southern California, tried in San Bernardino County for Anabella's father's murder and is now serving time in prison.


Manuel Vega, Oxnard

A police officer and victim survivor, sexually abused by his Catholic priest, 1978-1980.  In late 2001, Manuel found out from his friend and fellow police officer that they also had been molested by the same priest.  Within a few days, six former altar boys and schoolmates were located who had also been molested.


Jan Williams, Whittier*

Son, Neal, 27 and Neal's two sons, Devon, 7 and Ian, 3 were murdered by Neal's wife and the boy's mother, Manling Williams, on August 8, 2007.  Neal was stabbed repeatedly with a sword and the little boys smothered in their bunk beds.  Williams admitted to slashing her husband across the chest with the sword while he slept and then striking him several more times as she followed him down a hallway until he collapsed.  The triple-murder case had many continuances and jury selection started in  September 2010.  The trial lasted through November and the verdict came in on Nov. 4th:  three counts of First degree murder with special circumstances of multiple homicide and lying in wait.  However, on Nov. 29th the jury deadlocked 8-4 whether to sentence Manling Williams to death and the family is awaiting a retrial.


Ken and Marianne Wrede, Anaheim

Son, Kenneth, 26, fatally shot, in the line of duty as a West Covina Police Officer, while questioning a suspect who used Wrede’s own shotgun to kill him,  August 31. 1983. The killer, Michael Anthony Jackson,  was arrested, tried and sentenced to death in 1984.  In May 2000, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeal overturned his death sentence stating that his lawyer hadn't provided adequate defense.  After 19 years, the family had to once again endure a 12-day penalty phase trial where the killer was sentenced to death and returned to San Quentin for a second time.


* * *