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 Arkansas Co-Chairs:


Dee (McManus) Engle, North Little Rock

Cousin, Rebecca Ann Johnston, 18, shot to death during an attempted break-in and attempted kidnapping of a visitor at her home on New Year’s Eve, 1988.  "Becci" tried to reach the telephone, was shot in the neck and left to drown in her own blood.  Four suspects were involved.  June 1989: The shooter, an illegal alien, fled to his homeland and was returned to the U.S. five months later.  He was convicted and sentenced to five years for manslaughter and six years for committing a kidnapping.  In 1994 he was deported. The 16-year-old alien was convicted of attempted kidnapping and sentenced to five years.  He served 18 months and was deported in 1991.  The third perpetrator was convicted of attempted kidnapping and sentenced to 8 years.  He was released in 1992 after serving 3 years and 4 months.  The fourth was granted limited immunity and allowed to plead guilty to criminal attempt to commit kidnapping but served no jail time in exchange for his testimony against the others.


Myssy Hartley, Conway

Brother, Jeff Weller, 23, executed by his “best friend” December 2, 1988. While both were sitting in a car, the suspect attacked Jeff with a knife. Jeff managed to get out of the car and run, but was shot once in the back by a .357 pistol.  Then the perpetrator walked up and shot Jeff pointblank in the head.  He was arrested, pled not guilty by reason of mental illness or defect. He was found competent to stand trail and was found guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced to 10 years.  He was released  in 1994.  However, in 2002, the perpetrator kidnapped and murdered his own five-year-old son and then committed suicide. 




Terry Massey, Pine Bluff

Sister, Tresia Jester, 42, fatally shot at a drive-up pay phone because

 the perpetrators wanted her BMW car, March 21, 1992. The three suspects took off  without taking her cash, her jewelry and leaving her to die alone in her car. The three were convicted: the shooter was sentenced to life without parole, the other two accomplices received 40 years but have already been up numerous times for parole hearings.




Ken Ogden, Benton

Son, Eric Ogden, 20, and his friend, were ambushed and murdered for Eric's earnings on July 9, 1997.  The two suspects were arrested the next day. One pled guilty but his first trial was declared a mistrial.  At his second trial, he was sentenced to two-forty year terms (has to serve 70% of his sentence) and the other murderer was sentenced to two life sentences.

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