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 Alaska Co-Chairs:


Cindy Cashen, Juneau

Father, Ladd Macaulay, 56,  and his boss were killed by a drunk driver, April 19, 2000.  Ladd was the passenger and his boss was the driver.  A third passenger was seriously injured.  The offender had a blood alcohol level of 2-1/2 times the legal limit and it is believed that he had a previous DUI conviction.  The perpetrator was convicted of two counts of 2nd degree murder and one degree of 1st degree assault.  His sentenced was reduced by the Superior Court judge to twenty-two years, with nine years suspended.

NOTE:  Mr. Macaulay's daughter, Cindy signed up for the VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)  system which kept them informed regarding the arrested offender.   There wasn't a trial so the family flew to the sentencing. There were long delays which were very hard on Cindy and her mom.


Elizabeth Dillon, Kwethluk

Victim survivor of physical domestic violence assault, November 2002.  She received numerous bruises, hair loss, mental and physical abuse.  The perpetrator had a restraining order.


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