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 Alabama Co-Chairs:


Catherine Gaddy, Grove Hills

Son, Michael, 21, shot in the face with a 22-caliber weapon by Kossuth Anthony Green,  a person unknown to him. Michael succumbed four days later, September 17, 1988.  Green was arrested at his home,  convicted and sentenced to 24 years. NOTE:  It took two years before there was a trial.  The family was awarded $1 million dollars in Civil Court.



Marilyn Mosely, Foley

Sister, Dona Dawson, 45, shot to death by her ex-husband, Donald Dawson, in Lake Forest, California, September 15, 1984.  Killer had been lying in wait for over 12 hours.  When Dona drove into her garage Donald came downstairs and began shooting at her. Dona tried to run and when the cold-blooded killer caught up with her he fired the fatal shots as he stood over her.  Dawson was arrested immediately, convicted and sentenced to 27 years to life in 1986.  In 1996, while in prison he married.  At his last parole hearing, the killer made an appeal, which delayed his parole hearing!  Donna's family is waiting for the next parole hearing date.

NOTE:  "It took two years before the murderer was sent off to prison.  As family, we were not allowed to speak a word during the trial or even to express our feelings prior to sentencing.  We are only one family of many thousands who have become victims of crime at no fault of our own." - Loraine Fishel & Marilyn Mosely, Sisters of Dona Dawson


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